About Us

The peak of perfection, achieved in ACME Jewelry designs.

Through expert craftsmanship and innovative design, ACME Jewelry has established its reputation as one of the premiere jewelry stores in the Philippines. As a proudly homegrown brand, ACME Jewelry was established in 1993 upon opening its first store in Makati City. We specialize in creating timeless and quality pieces that resonate throughout generations.

ACME Jewelry knows that beautiful creations transcend time and trends. By showcasing handcrafted pieces from award-winning jewelry designers in the country, we bring to life distinct and memorable designs embodying perfection, luxury, and quality.






ACME Jewelry believes that each piece from our collection should be a unity of aesthetics and quality. Each piece undergoes an extensive and intricate design and handcrafting process. This makes every addition to our collection unique.
ACME Jewelry is well-known for its high-quality, custom-made jewelry. Each diamond we use in our designs meet the 4Cs of diamond selection: carat, cut, clarity, and color. Set in our pure 18-karat gold settings, the precious gemstones achieve the lasting elegance and timeless quality that can only be found in ACME Jewelry.